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Premier Cancer Centers – Dallas, TX

About Our Facility

Premier Cancer Centers in Dallas, TX offers our patients unique external radiation treatment plans and individualized care to treat their specific cancer needs. Our state-of-the-art facility features a welcoming reception area, spacious exams rooms, and private treatment rooms. Our practice is fully equipped with an on-site CT Scanner, CyberKnife M6, and TomoTherapy H Series. With this advanced medical technology, you will receive convenient, high-quality care throughout your journey.  Your safety and privacy are of the utmost importance, which is why we offer private exam rooms to provide our patients with comfort, and the freedom they need to speak openly with our staff.


At Premier Cancer Centers in Dallas, TX we place the comfort of patients and their loved ones, who visit our office as a top priority, and why our facility designed with a reception area that is spacious, warm, and inviting. We want to provide all our patients with undivided quality care, and to do so, sometimes a longer wait time is necessary if an emergency appointment is needed. We value all our patients and are mindful of the periodic extended wait time for appointments. Therefore, we furnished our lobby with comfortable seating, a variety of refreshments, private bathrooms, and modern decoration. Our front desk staff is also available to assist patients with any questions or concerns they may have prior to their appointment.


Our spacious exam rooms provide patients and Dr. Wyszynski  the privacy they need to speak freely during the consultation on specific treatment options, health recommendations, and educational resources. The rooms are furnished with extra seating to allow loved ones to join in on appointments, and provide their much-needed support. An on-site CT (computed tomography) scanner is also available in a separate exam room to help develop customized treatment options. With this high-end technology, patients are able to receive their treatment plan faster than they would at other health facilities, which provides them with the knowledge they need to move forward with their treatment.


At Premier Cancer Centers in Dallas, TX, our on-site treatment rooms enable Dr. Wyszynski , a board-certified radiation oncologist, to perform personalized cancer treatments. One of our rooms is equipped with the CyberKnife M6, which performs precise full-body robotic surgery. This allows Dr. Wyszynski  to customize treatments to the specific needs of the patient and ensures the safe performance of surgery despite minor movements from the patient or tumor during the procedure. Another treatment room is reserved for the TomoTherapy H Series, which uses intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) to effectively treat patients.