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What to Expect at Premier Cancer Centers – Dallas, TX

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Initial Consultation

Before committing to having any cancer treatment, most people want more information. Prior to every consultation, we provide educational materials in print or online. At Premier Cancer Centers, we offer consultations where you may discuss your treatment goals as well as concerns and questions with our board-certified radiation oncologist. All you need to do is contact us, and we will set an appointment where you can learn more and find out if Premier Cancer Centers in Dallas, TX is a good fit for you. During your consult, you will meet the physician and team before taking a tour of the facility. Be prepared to bring current copies of your labs, all pathology reports, all radiology written reports, and your imaging CDs. We can also request these with your written permission from your doctor's office before your appointment. Please bring a list all medication, vitamins, or supplements so we can take every precaution to ensure your treatment goes well. The physician will discuss your suitability for treatments, and what treatments will be performed. After you decide to have treatment, we will coordinate the dates, billing information, and tell you how to prepare for your appointments. You can print new patient forms from our website, or you can arrive early to fill them out in our lobby.

Simulation CT Scan

Although you’ve probably received other diagnostic scans, we will need to do a simulation CT (computerized tomography) scan at our office. This is what we call a "planning session." We will put you into the position that you will be in during your treatment, and take a CT scan of you in that position. From this scan, our dosimetrist will be able to utilize our complex treatment planning system to make a treatment plan that’s customized for you.

Planning Session

After the CT scan is done in treatment position, it is sent to the treatment planning computer. CT scans, MRI (magnetic resonance imaging), or PET (positron emission tomography) scans from other doctors are fused with our simulation CT scan. A treatment plan is created by the radiation oncologist and his team to aim the prescribed dose at the tumor and to minimize the exposure of surrounding normal tissue and critical structures. Once the treatment plan is reviewed and approved, a special Quality Assurance check is run to make sure the plan created is what the CyberKnife or TomoTherapy machine will perform properly for the patient.

What to Expect Treatments

Depending on the type of treatments selected for you, there will be different ways to prepare. We will discuss with you what you need to do the day before, the day of your treatments, and what to expect after. Session times vary depending on the patient and which machine is used. We will call you when your plan is ready to set up your appointments.

What to Expect Recovery

We're always thrilled when a patient has completed their radiation therapy. Our staff will advise you on what you need to do to ensure optimal recovery. Follow-up appointments will allow the physician to monitor the results of your treatments.

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