TomoTherapy® - H Series : Treating Tumors With Confidence

TomoTherapy® H Series : Treating Tumors With Confidence


The TomoTherapy® H Series, the premier solution for radiation therapy, delivers treatment only where you need it. Now with outstanding speed, performance and simplicity —TomoTherapy provides our physicians the power to choose the very best treatment for you, with confidence and without compromise.

Premier Cancer Centers is proud to bring the latest advancement in TomoTherapy to Texas. The TomoTherapy H Series combines the most advanced form of intensity modulated radiation (IMRT) with the accuracy of CT scanning, all in one machine. This approach treats hard to reach tumors that sit close to healthy tissues and organs; thereby reducing radiation exposure to healthy tissues surrounding your tumor. This innovative approach treats tumors one layer at a time known as slice therapy. No other technology offers this seamless integration of image-guided and intensity-modulated radiation therapy.

The TomoTherapy® H Series

The gold standard for image-guided IMRT treatment delivery maximizes both conformality and target dose uniformity

  • CTrue image guidance provides daily 3D CT target localization according to the size, shape and location of your tumor enabling true interactive planning for your physician
  • Ultra-fast binary MLC enables unprecedented intensity modulation delivering does from all angles- a true 360 degree delivery
  • Excellent target homogeneity while sparing healthy normal tissue surrounding your tumor
  • Total treatment time takes 15 minutes

Therapy that revolves around you!

Created to make personalized cancer treatments an option for radiation therapy, the TomoTherapy H Series offers interactive planning and efficient delivery of highly sculpted doses for personalized and consistent treatments with a 360 degree treatment delivery. Seamless daily CT image guidance enables precise patient positioning, margin reduction, adaptive planning and pinpoint dose accuracy for every radiation therapy patient.