We are here for you from your first appointment to your last

Upon reviewing your medical reports and a physical exam our physician will assess if you are a candidate for therapy and discuss your radiation therapy options with the only M6 CyberKnife or TomoTherapy H Series in the State of Texas. Your first therapy will then be scheduled. Instructions will be reviewed and consent forms signed, giving you adequate time to review the information provided prior to your first appointment.

If you are flying or driving in from out-of-town our staff will assist you with hotel accommodations, air travel plans and review with you how long you will need to stay.


Please bring the following for your first apppointment:

  • Radiology Tests– Any diagnostic tests, such as CT Scans, PET Scans and MRI’s.
  • Medical Records- Medical records including pathology findings.
  • Medications- List of all medications and over the counter medications you are currently on and/or bring all the bottles with you.
  • Identification- Your insurance card(s) and a photo ID.